Creating Wood

by Olle Hjort
What impact does the qualities of a material have on design and what can the effects be when the material change? With residues from the wood and paper industry I have recreated wood, now with new qualities and possibilities. With the purpose to challenge wooden products and it form language I have chosen to mould residues from the wood industry with the wood’s natural binder, lignin. Lignin, whose properties roughly can be compared to oil, is extracted from black liquor from wood pulp. Usually the black liquor is burned, and with it the lignin.

Although, recent discoveries highlight lignin as a sustainable substitute to oil in for example the production of plastic, the material has gained relevance in the making of sustainable products. In order to express the possibilities of lignin in form giving of wooden products I have seeked to mirror the playfulness that is usually associated with plastic where injection moulding, moulding and 3D-printing are examples of common methods when designing. The result is presented in the form of two furnitures.