by Maria Pita Guerreiro
MYCELIUM MILLENNIUM imagines a new era in which biological resources, specifically Fungi and Mycelium,
are used to grow a collection of objects for everyday domestic rituals, merging biofabrication and traditional craft.
The project is an effort to demystify the transformation of an organism to a biomaterial and
at the same time raise questions of aesthetics and cultural acceptance.

The fungal Mycelium material qualities –  antibacterial, fire-resistant, heat isolating
and water-resistant
– are incorporated in the function of each design.
The objects adopt antique symbols embedding them in a longer material history,
as well as a scale and form that introduces the fungal material to the context of the home.
While the collection attempts to stress longevity and resilience, it is integrated into a circular vision,
where the material is sourced from nature and returns to nature. 

MYCELIUM MILLENNIUM is an invitation to raise awareness for a material revolution,
an opportunity to learn from nature and its potential,
where products and objects could match the planet's needs.