Pockets of Possibilities 

by Linus Hultgren
What happens when a product meets people? what is the relationship between designer, product and user? Can I by intervening make visible systems, and structures? In this project, I reflect on my role as a designer and place myself in the social context I design for. Through site-specific interventions at Konstfack University of arts, Crafts and Design, I stage different relationships between myself, the building, users, products and spatialities in the building. In one of the student kitchens I work on site with prototyping of lamps and study how they are used and what spontaneous conversations and reactions I get. I open a space under a staircase in one of the students' project rooms by modifying an inspection door, furnishing the room and spreading the "secret" within my class. In the corridor I´m showing pipe drainage from the employees' kitchens through a hole in the wall. The installation conducts the flow of water through a translucent tube while amplifying the sounds of the flow. Reactions on my actions are captured in documentary comics. Im inspired by the concept “correspondence” coined by the anthropologist Tim Ingold. The concept deals with how we relate and correspond to each other and our environment. Closely related to this is the concept of feedback loops as described in system theory.