by Karin Petrusson
My work has been an exploration in what specific skills, knowledge and understandings that are needed in the service design practice in order to successfully engage in complex contexts with multiple stakeholder, different relations, structures and regulations. In this investigation I have been having a special interest in the role of physical forms when describing and shaping social structures.

With the aim to create a learning process of value I have in collaboration with Förnyelselabbet been part of a study in Malmö that focus on children and youth with migration experiences living in vulnerable housing situations. In my work I have designed tools with the ambition to unfold and deepen the understanding of situations, meetings and objects that has given the feeling of safety, comfort and joy when living in a vulnerable housing situation. For this purpose, I have used three objects; the slide, the sofa and the set table to tell stories of social exclusion but also the possibilities when these objects are seen as meeting points of great value.

What can you provide a child that lives in a vulnerable housing situation? How does the youth feel when missing his/her friends? What environment opens up for parents to talk to other adults?