This virtual dessert store serves you a comfort dessert. In this store, the desserts are made of 100% organic insecurities that grow up in my insecure garden. I invite everyone to enter me. What I intended to accomplish through it is to approach people genuinely. I want to support people who are suffering from their insecurities. Everyone has different reasons of being insecure. The reason can be anything, from society to individuals. However, I realized that if we get deep in to this feeling, we all can relate to each other somehow. As one of my favorite stand-up comedian Mae Martin mentioned in her interview, the more personal, the more universal in a way. For this reason, I am offering my insecurities to people so that they don’t feel alone.
I am also here feeling insecure. Come and join me. It’s all fine.

Collaborated with: Jisun Kim from MFA student in Dramaturgy & Dramatic Criticism department at Yale School of Drama