Local practices

by Johan Ansander
I have been inspired by theories saying that we in the future must find alternatives to global mass production and instead focus on manufacturing everyday objects locally from the natural resources we have at hand.

The purpose of the project is to explore the relationship to local resources origins and what practices may become more important in the future if we move away from global mass production and more into local self-sufficiency.

I have focused on the material wood and its origin. By working with a small-scale sawmill near Stockholm, I try to gain practical knowledge of what the process from tree to the material wood looks like. The sawmill is an important place because it is in the transition between living nature and material for human purposes.

The project consists of four prototypes, three of the prototypes are different explorations of the material where I have focused on different degrees of processing. The prototypes show a spectrum from low to high processing of the material wood.

The fourth prototype is an armchair made of birch from the sawmill for a local actor in the immediate area. The idea is to show how local material can be used for local purposes.