Retired Objects

by Fann Xu
When humanists accuse people of treating humans like objects, they are thoroughly unaware that they are treating objects unfairly.*

We live, think and design in a world already burdened by an excess of things, yet we keep creating new objects to add to the never ending pile. We design objects that will outlive us, create materials that will outlast their intended use. How can we begin to value objects as our equals, rather than as our servants?

For my degree project I have redesigned pre-owned chairs to envision them in a new light, free from the burden of fulfilling their practical function. Who are they once they retire from their job of serving us? Through my work I wish to invite us to reimagine the way we relate to everyday objects.

* Bruno Latour – A Cautious Prometheus? A Few Steps Toward a Philosophy of Design (with Special Attention to Peter Sloterdijk)