A Tribute to When it’s Raining

by Erik Vallbo

Rain is water falling back to earth.
Rain is a combination of sun, sea, wind and terrain.
As miserable as it sometimes can be,
humans have never been able to live without it.
Some places have it in abundance while others crave it.
Too much or not enough, rain evokes emotions among us.

I have explored how design can awaken our senses to the natural world, design that inspires us to reimagine and rethink our relationship to rainwater. These are objects that come to life when it’s raining.

Rainwaves, a modular sound sculpture that gives shelter and enhances the sound of rain. I want to give back the role as conductor to nature with this work, an uncontrolled sound performance by rain. 

Raindance, a luminaire that collects and then projects the movement of water on the ground. When the wind and rain catch the luminaire, the luminaire come to life and the reflections start dancing on the ground.