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Prosthesis as an Enabler 

Mass Design - No thanks! Additive methods, 3D textiles, and alternation for individualism!

by Ebba Ipsen

The purpose of the project is to provide design proposals that are individually adapted to Rheo knee xc, which is my collaborating partner Össurs, existing knee joint prostheses. I have developed a frame for the knee prosthesis, which holds the textile, with 3D-applications in place, and gives the prosthesis a flexible silhouette.

It is important to define the core of a design project, to explore, develop, evaluate, execute, summarize, and reflect. This has led me to a design process consisting of both textile crafts, co-design and production of prototypes. Not least, I have done a close-up study of a product category and how it can be developed in the future.

A prosthesis no longer represents a need to replace something lost. It can be a symbol that the wearer has the power to create whatever they want to create in that space. The textile can be selected in any color 3D-applications can also be selected to create a great opportunity for variation. Customizing Össur's existing product, by adding textiles, allows the user to choose. The goal is for the knee joint to be able to express individual preferences. So, with design, I want to contribute to new opportunities. Therefore, I have given the project the title "Prosthesis as an enabler".

Co-design: Camilla Åberg Collaborating

Collaborating partner: Össur

Film producer: Anton Clements Stål

Co-design: Camilla Åberg